Privacy Policy

Data that is collected and considered to be “personal” in nature is information that can be used to identify you, directly or indirectly, alone, or together with other information. This includes things such as your full name, email address, phone number, device IDs, certain cookie, and network identifiers, and “Fitness and Wellness Data.”  Golf Mind & Body collects, uses, discloses and processes Personal Data as outlined in this Privacy Policy, including to operate and improve the Golf Mind & Body App and our overall business service; for advertising and marketing/promotional purposes; and to provide you with a highly personalized fitness, health and wellness program for golf that will be used as input into creating the very best program to allow you to perform at your very best.  We may create de-identified or anonymous data from Personal Data by excluding data components (such as your name, email address, or linkable tracking ID) that makes the data personally identifiable to you, through obfuscation, or through other means. Our use of anonymized and de-identified data is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

How & When We Collect and Use Personal Data

Golf Mind & Body collects and protects your Personal Data in a number of ways and for various purposes including any or all of the following:

    A. When you become a FREE or PAID Subscriber to Golf Mind & Body. We collect Personal Data when you use or interact with the Golf Mind & Body App, including when you onboard. This Personal Data may include items like name, photo, username and password, email address, date of birth, gender, payment information, and location data among other things like personal interests so that we can best tailor a program to your specific needs.

    B. When you input Fitness and Wellness Data within the Golf Mind & Body App or if you offer other golf specific information (like handicap) or if the Golf Mind & Body App is provided access with data from other mobile devices or sensors. Fitness and Wellness Data includes data you provide related to your interests, time and equipment availability, preferred fitness activity levels, fitness goals, lifestyle (e.g., sleeping habits), life events, height, weight, measurements, heart rate, sleep data, BMI, biometric data, and similar types of data relating to physiological condition, and activity. We collect this data to best tailor features, programming, advertising, and services to your interests and goals, including various suggestions, reporting and analytics, workout plans, and specific product recommendations.

    C. When you use or interact with a wearable or other connected device. Golf Mind & Body may collect Personal Data, including Fitness and Wellness Data, when you use a device that is connected to the Internet, such as heart rate monitors, activity trackers, and other devices or wearables that currently or will in subsequent product releases integrate with the Golf Mind & Body App. When you use a wearable or connected device or product, Golf Mind & Body may also collect certain information about the device or product such as serial number, Bluetooth address, UPC, or other device- or purchase-related information.

    D. When you communicate with us or sign-up for promotional materials. We collect Personal Data when you communicate with us or sign up to receive promotional materials or information (“Messages”) via email and push notifications. If you consent to receive Messages, we may use your Personal Data and other information to communicate with you about the Golf Mind & Body App; provide you with promotional messages and personalized advertising; to notify you of other features; to notify you of contests, challenges, sweepstakes, and other promotions (“Promotions”); to notify you of additional Programs or Services that may be of interest to you; and, for other marketingpurposes. You can manage your communication preferences in your account settings of the Golf Mind & Body App. However, regardless of your settings, we may send you Messages pertaining to the performance of the Golf Mind & Body App, such as revision of our Terms or this Privacy Policy or other formal communications relating to Products or Services you have purchased or use.

Golf Mind & Body may also use your Personal Data to respond to and address your requests for technical support, questions or feedback about the Golf Mind & Body App, or any other communication you initiate. This includes accessing your account to address technical support requests.

    E. When you participate in special activities, offers, or programs. Golf Mind & Body may request or otherwise collect Personal Data, including Fitness and Wellness Data when you participate in Promotions, when you participate in surveys, or when you participate in research activities or initiatives (“Research”). This includes Personal Data, such as name, address, email address, telephone number and age and other information that may be appropriate for the purposes of participating in the Research. In addition, should you participate and win Promotion, we may need to collect certain tax information, waivers, and releases.

From time to time, Golf Mind & Body may also offer surveys that ask a range of questions on topics from Personal Data to brand and product preferences. These Promotions or surveys may be run by Golf Mind & Body, a Golf Mind & Body service provider or co-branded with one of our strategic partners. In such instances, Personal Data may be collected directly by and/or shared with Golf Mind & Body, the third party service provider, and/or business partner. While within our control, each Promotion or survey will treat your Personal Data in a way consistent with this Policy outlined in this document unless otherwise specified.

    F. When you engage with our online communities or advertising. Golf Mind & Body may collect Personal Data when you engage with our online communities that are now or will be part of the Golf Mind & Body App. This includes when you click on advertisements, interact with our social media pages, submit content, or otherwise enter information into comment fields, blogs, or community forums sponsored by or affiliated with Golf Mind & Body. Our community forums, when available in the Golf Mind & Body App, are designated as public; and we therefore advise all subscribers to exercise their best judgement prior to offering/posting any personal information and content.
    G. When you access third party products and services. We may allow you to register and pay for third-party products and services or otherwise interact with another website, mobile application, or Internet location (collectively “Third Party Sites”) through our Services, and we may collect Personal Data that you share with Third Party Sites through our Services. When we do so, we will inform you of the further details of how we use your Personal Data.

    H. When you connect with us through social media. You may choose to enable, log into, or sign on to the Services through various social media or social networking services (SNS), such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. When you connect using your SNS accounts, we may collect Personal Data that you have provided to that SNS. For example, when you log in with your Facebook credentials, with your consent, we may collect Personal Data from your Facebook profile that is permitted under Facebook’s Terms of Service - such as your email address, profile picture, etc. Golf Mind & Body will use this data to provide, enhance, and personalize the experience you enjoy with the Golf Mind & Body App. Should you choose to not share that information, you are responsible for adjusting the privacy settings on your various SNS account(s).

    I. When we collect data from third parties or publicly available sources. We may obtain certain data about you from third party sources to help us improve the Golf Mind & Body App experience and for marketing/advertising. Golf Mind & Body may combine your Personal Data with data we obtain from the Golf Mind & Body App and other users, or third parties to enhance/improve your experience.

    J. When we collect cookies, device IDs, location, and other data from the environment. We may collect certain Personal Data using cookies and other technologies such as web beacons, device IDs, advertising IDs, geolocation, flash cookies, and IP addresses. Golf Mind & Body uses browser cookies for different purposes including for App functionality as well as for delivering enhanced personalization, performance/analytics, and promotional advertising.

    K. When we aggregate or centralize data. Golf Mind & Body aggregates and centralizes all Personal, Fitness, and Wellness Data for purposes of analytics, innovation, and providing enhanced services to our customers and end-users.

    L. Share content or achievements; or invite friends. Golf Mind & Body may from time to time access your contacts to enable you to share content or achievements, including videos, with friends or other members, and to invite friends to experience the Golf Mind & Body App or other on location or online events that the Company hosts.

    M. When we provide you geographically relevant Services, offers, or promotion. Golf Mind & Body may use general location data to provide you with specific Services, special offers, events or promotional programs that are relevant to your location.

    N. For an actual or contemplated Company sale or acquisition. With prospective or actual purchasers, investors, or successor entities in connection with a contemplated reorganization or an actual reorganization of our business, in connection with financing, a sale, or other transaction involving the disposal of all or part of our business or assets, including for the purpose of permitting the due diligence required to decide whether to proceed with a transaction, pursuant to assurances of sufficient data handling practices and safeguards.